Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Technique Tuesday 27-2018

Today's technique is to use a stencil.

Instead of using a pre-made stencil, I used contact paper put over black paper.  I then cut it on my Cricut Explore vinyl side up and cut it on the vinyl setting.  That allows it to cut through the contact paper, but not the cardstock.  I recently received some Deco Foil Transfer Gel and after I removed the contact paper for the design (leaving the negative image) I applied the gel.  I pretty much took the main images off right applying it, but decided to leave the little bits until after the gel dried because I didn't want to mess it up.  I might do it differently next time because they wanted to pull the dried gel rather than coming off cleanly.  I laid down the transfer foil in blue, red and silver and ran it through the Minc machine. For my first time playing with this, it turned out nice and shiny and I am sure it will improve next time. - Denise

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