Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday in 3-D 15-18

Do you dread when you are asked to make something 3-D?  Sometimes I do.  But we are only limited by our imagination!  You just have to look around your craft room and stare at things long enough and you will find something.  I promise.

Here is what I found today - I made one in the past for someone and tried it again.  I used an empty spool from some ribbon.  Yep, 1 1/4 in. ribbon spool.  Cardboard.  Plain old Wal-Mart brand.

One of my friends saw it and said he thought I had taken up cake decorating on the side lol!  It is actually a trinket box and my granddaughter called dibbs on it already.

I started with the empty spool and pulled off the top and bottom (but don't throw them away!)  I used one to draw off patterned cardstock (the light green) and hot glued the cardstock to the top of the bottom I pulled off.  I did the same thing with the top and glued the top and bottom together with hot glue for stability.  I cut out two thick dark rose cardstock circles and hot-glued those together then I glued the base to the top of the dark rose cardstock.

The spool itself was easy.  I simply cut two 1 1/4 in. strips 12 in. in length and hot-glued them to the inside and outside lining up the edges.  Then I put a thick bead of hot glue to the outside of the bottom of the sool and attached it to the center and sat a book on it until it was really adhered.

The rest was just decorating.  I dug trough my leftover trim box and found small pearl strands and large also.  I glued the pink ribbon (the ribbon helps hide all that glue I used) on first then the pearls.  I added 3 paper roses from Recollections and a butterfly from Michael's.  It still looked like it needed something so I added the ivory ribbon bow.

And yes, I still have a few fingertips left...  ~  Gracie


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  2. Cute idea and great 3-D project. This is why we never throw anything away, because we can always craft something out of it, lol.