Saturday, August 25, 2018

Scene It Saturday 34-2018

The weeks is winding down with Scene it Saturday and I want to show you two cards.  I have five grandchildren - I can't leave anyone out!

Here is the first card:

This first card is for our second nerd ( we actually have three).  Lilly is home-schooled and works very, very hard.  She does extremely well and has done it overcoming dyslexia!  I started her card with a black and white polka dot panel and covered it with a smaller white panel.  I added a yellow stripe of card stock in keeping with the week's colors.  I used the remaining stamps from the set I used earlier in the week from Michaels but I used the pink glasses for Lilly (she actually does wear them and will think it's funny!)

Here is my second card:

I made this card for the first day of school for our other grandchild, Morgan, who attends an actual school and rides the bus.  She also takes her lunch because there is NO WAY she is eating that GROSS food in the cafeteria!  I started her card with yellow and white polka dots for a card base and added a black stripe for contrast then a white stripe as well.  The stickers were in my stash in my Scraprack.  

I really had fun making cards to mail off to my grandchildren this week and I hope you have enjoyed them, too.  See you next month! ~ Gracie


  1. Great cards, you do have to include all of the grandkids.

  2. Wow, 5 grandchildren! You will need lots of school related cards! What a blessing