Saturday, May 16, 2015

Specialty Cards Saturday #15

Today's specialty card is the Iris fold card.

Denise took on this challenge and blew me away with her amazing work.

From Denise: This was my first time doing an Iris Fold technique.  According to what I found, it is because it resembles the closing action of an iris on a camera.  I made a cut for a hummingbird on my Cricut.  The template for the inside I found on  They had templates for different shapes, but I decided that the triangle best fit the cutout shape.  I followed the first instructions that called for folding strips of paper, but I used card stock and it ended up much too thick for a card.  I took it all apart, cut the strips in half lengthwise and used single layers instead of folded layers. I used regular cardstock giving it a shimmer by using silver Viva Decor 3D Stamp Paint.  When it was assembled, I went to stamp on the sentiment and had ink on my hand, so I smudged the blue paper.  I distressed the paper to cover up the smudge.  I did use foam dots to attach it to the card since the layers of paper underneath made it thick and it would not lie properly on the card. It was a different technique and next time I think I will try it with patterned paper to give it a different look.

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube for this technique and hundreds of free patterns on Pinterest, just search Iris Fold.

Happy Crafting
Theresa & Denise

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