Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday in 3D 07-2018

I had so much fun making today's 3D project.  It is for my daughter (her Valentine happy).  She is quite the note taker where I just use the memo app on my phone.

I started with a plain brown small craft paper note book.

In keeping with the white, red and pink theme, I covered the book with white card stock - it works best to use a liquid glue at this point because I had to slide it gently and push it into the creases and adhesive wouldn't have been as easy.  I played with embellishments.  I finally settled on die cutting some feathers (using Ki Berry Blast paper), adding a small wooden bicycle, three pink mulberry roses, red ribbon with a bow, and red rhinestones. I used low temp hot glue so it would hold up in her pocket book.

I think she will love it! ~ Gracie

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