Friday, August 18, 2017

C.A.S.E A Card Friday #33-2017

Friday is our day to Copy And Share Everything (C.A.S.E.). 

Tantalaya's card is a perfect C.A.S.E. of the above card.

I had fun with this card and yes I've used the same Concord & 9th stamp but really can you blame me.  I stamped using Versa fine black onyx ink and black embossing powder. I did a 2 tier stamping technique. To cover the space between the noncolored part of the flower and the water color part I used black ribbon to complete it. Then with a simple hello statement, the card is done. So I changed the color of the card and instead of thin separation, I used a 1/4 inch ribbon. I kept the style of the card and of course the flower being image that stands out with a bang. - Tantalaya

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