Saturday, June 6, 2015

Specialty Cards Saturday #18

Today's special card is a side step card.

Check out this video by Linda Bauwin for instructions on how to create one of these cards.

We also got a new Design Team Member creating a card for you today.

Hi, my name is Anna Carpenter and I live in a suburb of Toledo Ohio. 
I am the mom of 3 grown sons and Grandma to 2 beautiful little girls. 
I was married to my childhood sweetheart for 23 years before he passed away 
in 2005 from Colon cancer so PLEASE get tested! He was only 45 yrs old.  

I started papercrafting after my husband died. It started with an album that I wanted to 
get done before my son graduated from USAFA in 2006. Well it still isn't finished ... sigh
but I blame that on the girls. Over 20 years of boys and suddenly my world is PINK! 
Who wouldn't ignore the blue?? 

I am now hooked on card making, I blame Theresa Knopf!!!  
My Cricut Explore is now my 4th child and I just LOVE it!! 

I am half owner in The Wedding Moms (shameless plug) and we do wedding planning, 
coordinating , and decoration rentals and set up. I also make wedding cakes.

After my husband died I lost 30 lbs and took a job with a production company and became a "Roadie" 
what a life/mind altering experience that was!!! But I can now wire a 56 channel soundboard,
and wire a stage for a concert!  While on tour I did digital scrapbooking 
to keep me from going crazy on the tour bus. I am not fond of it 
but the crew didn't like being covered in glitter!!!  Why I have no idea! 
I do miss the job and travel (and the income) but I am glad to be home with my girls.  
They need grammy and I need them more than my next heartbeat. 

Here's Anna's wonderful side step card:

Isn't is just to stinkin' cute?  Love it!

Give this cute card style a try.  There are tons of videos on YouTube and hundreds of samples on Pinterest of different styles and themes.

Happy Crafting
Theresa & Anna


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