Saturday, July 23, 2016

July Stencil Extravaganza Week 3 Wrap-Up

We have a few tips to share about using embossing powders and glitter with your stencils
or just in general.

Have a Swiffer dusting cloth nearby.  
This is the perfect way to clean up stray powder or glitter. 
You can even cut them in half or thirds to make then go further.

Use an anti-static tool or bag BEFORE you stencil to make sure you don't get stray
embossing powder in places you don't want it.

Store your embossing powder in a cool, dry place.
EP does get old and you get what you pay for. See the examples below as a testament to this.

As you can see in the pictures above, the colored embossing powder cards all have "issues."
This colored embossing powder happens to be Martha Stewart brand that is probably 15 years old.
It did not melt well! It was chunking and as you can see in some areas there was little or no color.
The metallics are all from Ranger and are new (less than a year old) powders and they melted beautifully. So my suggestion is to test your powders before you start your project and to throw out the old and use new ones for the best results.

Happy Crafting
Theresa & the CADC DT & Guests

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