Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday in 3D 24-2018

Making something 3D for a child is just fun.  They get so much pleasure from it.  I have an explosion box card in my craft room and my youngest granddaughter has to check it out every single time she comes over.  She says it is hers but she won't take it home because she says Mom would throw it away.

This is what I made for her today:

I do a lot of swaps where we make loaded envelopes which must include a wand.  What little girl would not want to play with a wand?  Fairy or princess play time!

I started with the base layer.  The paper is green and white polka dots.  I cut 3 strips 2 x 12 inches.  The second layer is green with green polka dots.  I cut it into 3 strips 1.5 x 12 inches.  I scored each piece at 1/4 inch intervals and fan folded them and adhered the ends together.  I hot-glued the layers to a circle of white card stock before gluing them together.  Then I decorated the top.  I hot-glued buttons, roses, ribbons and "Party" embellishments.  I made the wand using an acrylic straw stuffed with a white pipe cleaner.  I know a lot of folks use paper straws but when you have little girls playing with them the acrylic holds up much better.  My little princesses all play with my wands! ~ Gracie

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  1. So cute and I like that it is done in green (my favorite color) instead of pink (not my favorite color).